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Jobs in the area of creative director can be quite challenging. The jobs may pay well but there is a lot of competition for any single vacancy. There are no specific qualifications for a creative director. Creative directors are experts in fields such as graphic design, sound, design and other related areas. You need to be creative as you come up with your resume as you apply for a creative director’s job. Here is a sample creative director CV.

Creative Director CV Example, Format

Michael Cain

2345 Madison Drive

Mathias Street, New York City

New York

Mobile No: +1 343 65 5

Telephone No: +1 232 455 545

Career Objective

Experienced creative director seeking position in a video production company. Eager to use skills in communication, graphic design, leadership and organization for the benefit of the organization. Bears vast experience in music composition.

Professional Experience

2005 – 2008: Creative Director at Silicon Adverts


  • Designed advertisements for print and video media
  • Researched products and services to be  advertised
  • Composed advertisement jingles
  • Trained recruits in the creative department
  • Assigned duties to the design and composition team
  • Designed websites for corporate clients

2001 – 2002:  Graphic Designer at Silicon Adverts


  • Designed print and  video advertisements
  • Designed pop-up advertisements for websites
  • Designed office stationery
  • Researched company products and services

Educational Background

1999 – 2001:   Diploma in Graphic Design- Silicon Vocational Training


  • Head  of Creative Department at Silicon Adverts
  • Team Leader of Design Team at Silicon Adverts
  • Have composed theme songs for 3 movies
  • Holder of the Silicon Vocational Training Institute Scholarship for two years
  • Winner of the Best Publicity Award in the international chapter of the Students in Free Enterprise Competition.

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