Documentary Photographer CV

Documentary photography typically refers to a well-liked form of camera work used to record significant and past events. The photographer tries to create truthful photography of various events and subjects. The CV of a documentary photographer must contain the detailed information about the skills of an individual. It should also highlight all the qualifications as well as special achievements of a candidate.

Sample Documentary Photographer CV

Name: Anne Frank

Address: 32 New Jersey USA


Phone number-922233456

Educational qualification

I have studied photography at Southern Methodist College and the New York Photography Foundation.

Professional background

I have had several galleries exhibiting my work. Even many festivals and museums have had my work as exhibits. Various magazines have published my work.

Awards for photography

 Second Place in Photo Essay for today competition in the year 1995

 First Position in Times Photo Illustration in the year 1997

 Third Place in Best Photo Feature with a Cause in the year 2002

Previous experiences

 New Jersey-based Free-lance Photography journalist (September 2009)

 Manhattan-based Photojournalist (November 2007 – March 2009)

 North Hamptons Photo-journalist (July 2003 – November 2007)

 Theatre Project for Justice and equality, Wyoming, USA


 World Alumni Books

 Sun Times

 Jersey Journal of Today

 Youth Reporter

 Times Reporter Today

Exhibitions held

  • Norway Museum
  • New York Gallery of modern art
  • East Carolina Open House
  • Marching forward Campaign events

Special interests

I am very passionate about rights of women and children as well as abolition of drug abuse.

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