Furniture Designer CV

A furniture designer is a person who specialises in designing or making objects which form the furniture. This work can include designing of sofa, bed, table, chair etc…These days’ people hire furniture designers to design creative, new and innovative furniture pieces. Therefore it is important for furniture designers to have well crafted CVs which gives a detailed account of their qualifications and skills. The following is an example that might help:

Sample Furniture Designer CV:

Name: Rosaline Pitt

Address: 34-S Bank street, first floor, A

Mobile number: 473894793494


Career objective:

To be able to reach up to the level of world class furniture designers by making pieces worth praise and admiration. To work towards serving people by giving them the furniture pieces that matches their personality.

Areas of expertise:

  • Specialisation in designing office furniture pieces. Expertise in sofa designing.
  • Done certificate courses for specialisation in ultra modern furniture designing.


  • Pursued graduation in Fashion designing from Hilton University, CA
  • Completed diploma course in furniture skills from Hilton University A
  • Certificate course pursued in ultra modern furniture designing and won best student award in the same.
  • Been awarded scholarship from Hilton University to work with Decor furniture Co. for 12 months.

Past experience report:

  • Worked as an independent designer for 24 months for designing Sofa pieces.
  • Worked with Globe designers in the furniture designing unit and awarded best employee certificate in the same company.
  • Lead the conference of furniture designers for a special program held in Germany and awarded the best group title.

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