Museum Conservator CV

A museum conservator is a person that works in a museum and it falls under his responsibility to conserve and restore the objects of the museum. His work involves examining the structural ability of the objects and to come to the aid of the problems faced. Since this job involves a lot of scientific research work and knowledge, therefore the CV of a museum conservator should focus upon these points. The following is an example:

Sample Museum conservator CV sample:

Name: Mathew Williams

Address: Wellington Street, First floor, B-2, LA

Mobile number: 57958475905


Career objective:

To come to the rescue of the state’s failed efforts to restore painting of historical importance and to be able to live up to the importance of the job.

Areas of expertise:
The area of specialisation and personal interest is the historical work done by artists of the 18’Th century. Awarded with a special certificate for the expertise in conservation of paintings by non chemical methods. Also specialisation in hand made statues and their cleaning ways. Special knowledge in the area of restoration of coins.

Education Background:

  • Pursued graduation from university of reading in the History Hons coursework.
  • Pursued post graduation from University of Hamburg in the specialised course of Restoration and conservation of artefacts.
  • Awarded the best student award during post graduation work. Done special programme in a historical painting cleaning techniques.

Previous experience work:

  • Headed the history department of University of London from 2000-2005.
  • Lead team of professors on a Europe educational tour for enlightenment and further learning program for history teachers across London.

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