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A career in the music industry is becoming increasingly popular. Pop musicians inspire awe in a majority of the youth in this modern age. Unlike popular belief, it takes more than simple talent to be successful. There is also the hard work. A well written music curriculum viate is the best place to start. This would be beneficial to pop musicians, jazz, hip hop, opera and classical musicians. Musician CVs are also important for instrumentalists.

Musician CV Example, Format

Virginia Brown

1232 Event Drive

Boston, Massachusetts

Mobile No: +1 334 657

Telephone No: +1 343 5654

Career Objective

Experienced and well travelled violinist seeking position as violinist in progressive orchestra. Willing to use skills and experience playing in internationally acclaimed orchestra. Eager to apply skills in music piece composition.

Professional Experience

2002 – 2008: Violinist in the Boston Philharmonic Orchestra


  • Played violin in the orchestra
  • Trained violinists in orchestra
  • Assisted in the adaptation of musical pieces
  • Composed musical pieces
  • 1998 – 2005: Violin Instructor at the YMCA


  • Taught children how to play the violin
  • Organized musical camps
  • Assisted in facilitating musical camps
  • Organized and facilitated music workshops
  • Organized music competitions and festivals
  • Judged during music competitions


  • ‘The Fleet’ used as the theme for the blockbuster movie ‘Fighting Fury’
  • ‘Solace’ used as the opening piece in the theatrical rendition ‘Sherlock Holmes’s Last Bow’

Educational Background

1994 – 1998: BA in Music- Boston School of Dance and Music


  • Appointed to the Boston Philharmonic Scholarship Board
  • Holder of the Boston Philharmonic Scholarship for three years
  • Winner of the Boston Philharmonic Fellowship award for two years internship with the orchestra.

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