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Jobs in performing arts are very exciting. Careers in this industry include singers, actors, dancers and instrumentalists. Talent in the field of performing arts is of great importance. However, it is equally important to present to the recruitment team a winning resume that will capture their attention. You must ensure that you show experience as well as diversity in your performing arts CV.

Performing Arts CV Example, Format

Jacky Memorable

23 Strip Street

West Borough

London, England

Mobile No: +44 343 342 435

Telephone No: +44 5667 7888

Career Objective

Experienced Opera Singer seeking position as soprano in an American Operatic theater. Willing to use gained singing experience with the view of producing great plays. Able to act as well sing and compose songs. Eager to put script writing skills to use.

Professional Experience

2005 – 2007:  Soprano in the August Theater Company


  • Sung soprano in theater productions
  • Trained recently hired singers
  • Acted in company productions
  • Assisted in the translating of musical pieces
  • Assisted in the adapting of musical pieces for plays
  • Assisted in the adaptation of novels to plays
  • Trained newly recruited actresses

2002 – 2005: Soprano in the August Company Choir


  • Sung soprano in the choir
  • Assisted in the composition of songs and music pieces
  • Offered my help in the training of newly recruited sopranos
  • Helped in the adopting of songs and poems into choral hymns
  • Translated music pieces for the choir and instrumentalists

Educational Background

2002:  Conducting and Translation- Choral University

1998 – 2002: BA in Music- Choral University


  • Was lead soprano in the August Theater’s rendition of William Shakespeare’s Macbeth and Merchant of Venice
  • Was soloist of the August Company Choir for an entire tour
  • Have composed 30 musical pieces that are in current use in several theatrical productions internationally.


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