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Careers in photography require creativity, the ability to work individually and attention to detail. Careers in photography include event photographers (e.g. wedding, parties and graduation photographers), photojournalists, fashion photographers, art photography, family portrait photographer, freelance photographers and photo editors. Photographers should also be able to work well in a team setting.

Below is an example of a resume that can be used to apply for a photographer’s work.

Photographer CV Example, Format

George Foreman

23 Mink Drive


Mobile No: +1 3453 54 45

Telephone No: +1 43 4343 5454

Career Objective

Nature photographer seeking similar position in a progressive publishing company. Possesses vast experience with digital, automatic and manual cameras. The opportunity should allow for the use and development of skills in photo editing software programs such as adobe photo shop and windows picture manager.

Professional Experience

2003 – 2007: Photographer and photo editor at the National Geographic Journal


  • Edited photos taken before submission for printing
  • Researched photo sites and subjects
  • Organized for safaris for photo taking and data collection
  • Photographed wildlife and plants in their natural habitats
  • Photographed natural scenery

1998 – 2000: Photographer and Assistant photo editor at the Life Magazine


  • Edited photographs before submission for printing
  • Directed photographers
  • Trained and guided junior photographers
  • Organized photo shoots for models and cooperates
  • Worked in close collaboration with journalists to ensure that the photos taken coordinate well with articles written
  • Researched articles to ensure the appropriate photos are taken

Educational Background

1994 – 1998:  BA in Photography- Colorado Photo School

1992 – 1994: Diploma in Information Technology- Colorado Rock College


  • Founding member of the Colorado Photojournalist Association

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