Photographic Stylist CV

A photograph stylist works in close accordance with photographers to set the optimum mood and the appropriate look for any photo shoot the photographer might be working on. It is the job of a photograph stylist to arrange for props, the set and organize all tasks behind the screen. Therefore, the CV of a photographic stylist should highlight the person’s creativity and resourcefulness.

Sample Photographic Stylist CV

Jeffrey Brown,

5D, Waterlow Street,


London- N19 56NJ

Mobile Number– +92704835789

Phone Number– 032 0385 9678

Fax Number– 035 0588 2846


Profile: A young and energetic photographic stylist, experienced in the job for the past four years and looking forward to newer and more challenging tasks in his career.

Objective: I am currently looking for the employment that would offer me the opportunity to take my career a step further and expand and shape up my styling and visual skills.

Educational Qualification:

2002- Completion of School from Midfield Day School, London.

2002-2005- Bachelor of Arts degree from University of Brighton, Brighton, England

Summary of Professional Experience:

I have a little over four years of experience working for The Vibrant Colours of East, manufacturer of a designer clothing line. I have worked with famous photographers like Aaron Matthews, Betty Sandra and Colliers Quimby. I shopped or rented the props for the photo shoots and on two occasions had also stepped into the shoes of a casting director and chose models for the photo shoot.


The most enterprising stylist of the company

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