Press Photographer CV

A Press photographer is a person who uses his photographic skills in the field of media and press. The job of these people is to work for newspapers, magazines or news channel. A press photographer CV is a document that should consist of all the details of the person along with his experience details. The following can serve as an example for a person interested in framing his Press photographer CV.

Sample Press photographer CV

Personal details

Gail Mathew

4-h, third floor

Three downtown, London

Mobile number: 4738948789990


Qualifications and academic details:

  • Pursued graduation in business marketing and administration from St. Xavier’s college, London.
  • Done a full time diploma course in advanced photographic methods and techniques.
  • Done a special training for people photography from Shoots institute for a period of 6 months.

Areas of expertise and interest:

  • Specialises in photography relating to clicking pictures of people.
  • Can work in critical environments like war ridden areas and places.
  • Expertise in night photography.

Aims and objectives for the future:
To be able to live up to the challenges of press photography and covering sensitive issues without fear or hesitation. To be a well known photographer especially for newspapers and magazines. To get pictures published in popular newspapers and feature in TV channels as well

Previous experiences:

  • Worked as a press photographer for ‘Hello magazine’ for a period of 12 months.
  • Worked for press photography post during 2000 war in Indonesia.
  • Prepared a documentary of photos for street photography which conveyed the situation of rural living in London.

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