Social and Wedding Photographer CV

Social and wedding photographers are the ones who work on covering family events and other occasions of celebration. In case when people who specialise in this field want to apply to a company, then the first step to be done is to prepare a CV. A social and wedding photographer’s CV should consist of all the details which talk about his skills and experience in the particular field.

Sample social and wedding photographer CV

Personal details:

Name: Peter Hanes

Address: 67-F, second floor Tim district, London

Contact number: 473904803094


Academical details:

  • Completed graduation as bachelor of arts in the year 2004
  • Got a diploma certificate in advanced photography and video recording technique in the year 2005.
  • Certificate course in printing pictures from Yale lab works in the year 2006.

Special skills and points of expertise:

  • Special interest in the field of social event coverage.
  • Expert training in video recording of weddings and other family events.
  • Specialisation in the area of portrait clicking.

Future plans:

  • To be a well known wedding photographer.
  • To be an inspiration for budding photographers.
  • To open a school of learning for amateur photographers to sharpen their skills.
  • To be able to prove self worth by doing good quality photography.

Previous experience details:

Worked with Sony labs in printing and washing of pictures for a period of 8 months. Then got placed as a photography trainer at Click Institute in Central London for a 12 month period. Worked as assistant wedding photographer for 2 years.

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