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The job of a auto finance manager included gathering finance for cars, truck or any kind of industrial automobiles.  Though the job is connected to the automobile industry it primarily deals with the sales capability of a person. The demand for auto finance people is high with automobile companies as well as with banking companies dealing with automobile financing

The resume of a auto finance manger can be used by and large by any kind of sales person who wishes to make a career in marketing and finance. It is particularly beneficial for auto finance executive, auto finance manager as well as for auto finance senior manager sand presidents.

Sample Auto finance CV Format

Henry Smith

Rue Stijn Streuvels 23, 103


Mobile No: + 32 23 34 90 20

Telephone Number: + 32 476 21 17 83

Career Objective: looking forward to build a career as a finance manger on a international basis where I can utilize my capabilities to ensure financial solutions to every customer , thereby ensuring the largest market share. I also wish to set new standards and incorporate my own methods of small scale financing which has still remained unexplored till today

Professional Experience:

Dawson Motors, Paris. 2005- 2009:-Main responsibilities included dealing various financial institutions and arranging credit for various customers who were unable to gather funds from conventional resources

Car mechanic objectives:

  • Keep oneself updated with dealership policies and financial regulations
  • Structure deals according to the regulations
  • Perform credit interview for the customers and verify all applications properly
  • Prepare monthly reports
  • Convey all information regarding the performance of the dealers , and staff to the senior management


1999-2002: Bachelors in Business administration, University of Edinburgh

2002-2004: Masters of Financial planning and management, Oxford University

Achievement: Have successfully changed the output of a low revenue earning team into one of the highest revenue earning team of the company. Surpassed the personal target over and above by 50% on the first year with the company


  • travelling
  • Singing
  • playing volleyball


“Upon request”

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