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The job of an Automotive engineer is indeed is indeed very interesting as he is the key person who is responsible for developing a vehicle. Right from its design to its blueprint, production, and various other specifications the automotive engineer is the person who looks after everything. No wonder such types of people are highly in demand in the automobile industry and big vehicle manufactures employ them for designing new models or for upgrading the existing ones.

The resume of an automotive designer is also very important for a person who comes from the domain of car automobile designing, automobile technician or even for an automobile service engineer.

Sample Automotive Engineer CV Format

Scot Best

Angelikaweg 16a, 12357


Mobile No: + 49) 30 661 00 45

Telephone Number: + 49) 30 861 0076

Career Objective: looking forward to build a career in the automobile industry as a lead designer and inventor of next generation car models which shall revolutionize the way people envision the driving experience

Professional Experience:

Johnson Automotive Design, Inc, Frankfut 2005- 2009:  primary responsibly included working in close co-ordination with the technical and the designing team. Proving valuable feedbacks in the research and getting a total report on consumer expectations and latest trends in the market.

Automotive engineer objectives:

Identify and discuss the complex system of the vehicle system and the various technical specifications attached to it

Analyze various technical advancements made in the industry

Produce e such car components and parts that are convenient, cheap as well as friendly to the environment

Assist the team in long term goal achievement


1999-2002: Bachelor of engineering, Oxford University

2002-2004: M.S in automobile engineering. Cambridge University



  • Computing
  • Singing
  • playing mobile games


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