Car Mechanic CV

With the growth of the small car industry the job of a car mechanic has only seen a upward rise in the demand section. These mechanics are highly skilled professional often possessing high degrees from reputed instates. They are mainly employed in the service section of various car companies. Alternatively they can have their own garage or work in some service stations

The resume of a car mechanic can serve to be very helpful to car technicians, trainee mechanics and mechanics dealing in other type of vehicles like trucks, two wheelers etc

Sample Car Mechanic CV Format

Ashlee Anderson

4, rue de Cicé, 75006


Mobile No: + (33) 01 48 93 27 02

Telephone Number: + (33) 01 45 93 27 08

Career Objective: looking forward to build a career as a automobile technician in a automobile company that allows free working atmosphere and facilitates individual growth and independence

Professional Experience:

Dawson Motors, Paris. 2005- 2009: Diagnosed the problem in small cars and used the best possible technology and tools to solve the problem involving the least amount of time. Guarantying consumer satisfaction, getting feedback about the work done. Helping other floor people in their work and maintaining the team spirit

Car mechanic objectives:

  • Prepared complain sheet about the problem that a particular customer faced with his car
  • Diagnosed the problem using the latest tools and techniques
  • Completed most of the assigned task before the deadline
  • Maintain client record


1999-2002: Chambersburg Senior High School

2002-2004: Certificate in Automotive Mechanical Technology, Paris

Achievement: Obtained the level III certification from the association of small car mechanics in London. Awarded the best team player and goal oriented personal award by the company in the year 2205


  • travelling
  • Singing
  • playing volleyball


“Upon request”

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