Aircraft Mechanic Assistant CV

The mechanism of an aircraft is maintained the aircraft mechanic. The aircraft mechanic assistant is appointed in order to serve as a helping hand to the aviation mechanic. He does the work of replacing the worn out components and the repair of the aircraft. The mechanical details are very crucial for the aircraft to be checked regularly. The Aircraft mechanic CV must speak about the expertise of the applicant in the field of mechanics.

Sample Aircraft Mechanic Assistant CV

Ronald Borzoi

4653 Wood Street,

Shakespeare Lane,

London 03974


Looking for a position as an aircraft mechanic to help the airframe operations and direst and coordinate the mechanism better.

Summary of Qualifications

  • Ability of maintaining the engines and the other gear and handling systems efficiently so as to minimize the risk in the functionality of the aircraft.
  • Expert in the cleaning and flushing tasks involved in the mechanical support of the airframe and its systems.
  • Capable of carrying out orders of the aircraft mechanic and doing the needful for the task.
  • Can manage to bring about quick changes to the systems of the aircraft on need.



Bachelors in Aircraft Mechanics

Mechanical Engineering Institute



Masters in the Aviation Technology

Aviation School


Career Experiences

 Royal Aviation Fuelling Corporation

[Head Cleaning Manager- 2006-2008]

 JetLite Airlines

[Junior Aircraft Testing Manager- present]


 Awarded for excellent performance in and good work in the year 2007.

 Received an Award for Best Cleaning and Maintenance.

Professional references upon request.

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