Aircraft Propeller Engine Mechanic CV

Aircraft Propeller Engine Technicians are A/P licensed aircraft engine mechanics who have opted to specialize in maintaining turbo prop engines in commercial as well as helicopters.  They work as a team responsible for the proper inspection, repair, testing, troubleshooting, disassembly, repair and overhaul of propeller driven turboprop engines.

Aircraft Propeller Mechanic CV Format

Daryl T. Feldman

Arlington, Virginia

Phone: (757) 411-5867

Career Objective

To work as an Aircraft Propeller Mechanic in an aircraft manufacturing company or a commercial airline with turboprop power aircraft


Professional Experience

1998 – Present:  Aircraft Propeller Mechanic “A”   BAE Systems, plc, VA

  • Conduct assigned engine part for troubleshooting test and disassembly for repair with the least supervision.
  • Ensure that maintenance tools are in excellent condition at all times.
  • Observe work shift schedules to ensure optimum productivity
  • Comply with work rules and maintenance standards as mandated by engine manufacturer and engineering bulletins.
  • Conduct testing and maintenance repair of turboprop engines on the BAE Jetstream aircraft in accordance with prescribed procedures and US-FAA requirements.
  • Attend in-house training to improve work quality and productivity


Skills and Qualification

  • Passed FAA certification as A/P aircraft mechanic in 2000, renewed in 2008
  • 14 years experience as aircraft mechanic specializing in turboprop engines.
  • Excellent command of automated aircraft parts inventory and job productivity systems.
  • Excellent communication, social and interpersonal skills to work in a team



1999 – Present:  In-house training on turboprop systems for the BAE aircraft and maintenance programs for its client airlines

1994– 1997: BS Aerospace Engineering, Florida Institute of Technology

Professional and Character References

To be furnished upon request

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