Airframe and Engine Mechanic CV

The technical defects and function defects arising in the airframe is taken care of by the airframe and engine mechanic. The checks and rechecks the systems every time the airframe takes a flight and afterwards too. He needs to have a perfect knowledge about the aircraft and its operations. The CV of an airframe and engine mechanic should be informative about the technical specifications and experiences achieved by the applicant.

Sample Airframe and Engine Mechanic CV

John Greg

Jonas Steet,

Blue Avenue 9393


Email-johngreg@gmail. com


  • To hold a position as the airframe mechanic and apply the technical skills and knowledge towards the betterment of the airframe.

Summary of Qualifications

  • Detailed courses on controlling the various systems and operations involved with the airframe and its functions.
  • Strong endurance and power to complete work timely and perfectly without any loopholes.
  • Perfect and good knowledge about the aircraft and the parts and components.
  • Knowledge to inspect the aircraft timely and making adequate changes necessary for the proper working of the airframe.
  • Taking the responsibilities of the various requirements like the launching and re launching of the various components and the refueling jobs.



Bachelors in Airframe Mechanics Engineering

Institute of Technology and Sciences



Masters in Aircraft and Aviation Technology

Aviation Institute of Italy


Career Experiences

 Air force Institute

[Junior Aircraft Engineer- 2006-2009]

 First Flight Airlines

[Deputy Aircraft Mechanism Controller- present]


  • Achieved the Award for offering the best engine services throughout the year in the year 2008.

Professional references upon request.



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