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Trained no less as a Chef, the Airline Sous Chef is just a functional position for the vice chef who can take over the responsibilities of the Airline Chef when he’s not around.  While the position can be considered an assistant chef, the Airline Sous Chef often handles tasks that the chef delegates rather than require assistance.   The two positions can actually share on the inflight catering load between them.

Airline Sous Chef CV Format

Robert D. Logan

Sands St., New York City

Phone: (212) 577-6982


To work as an Airline Sous Chef for a commercial airline, ground handler or catering company.


Professional Experience


2003 – Present: Airline Sous Chef, , Servair Flying Food Group, JFK International, NYC

  • Design and develop menu offerings from Asian and Middles Eastern airlines
  • Present menu concoctions to clients for approval
  • Design and specify meal tray presentation for the airline client’s various classes of inflight services including Kosher meals.
  • Implement menu specifications on the catering production schedules.
  • Conduct food tasting sessions with clients, management and executive staff

1999 -2003:  Chef, Westwood Restaurant, NY

  • Create new menu concoctions and schedules food tasting sessions to evaluate customer responses
  • Supervise procurement of raw materials for new menu dishes and teach kitchen staff in menu production.

Skills and Qualification

  • Excellent mastery of exotic Mediterranean and middle eastern delicacies
  • Excellent organizational, supervisory, managerial and leadership skills
  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills



1999 – Present: In-house training on airline food preparation and catering production planning and control

1994 – 1998: BA Culinary Arts, Syracuse University, NY

Professional and Character References

To be furnished upon request

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