Aviation Manager CV

An aviation manager performs the task of checking and rechecking the aircraft every time it lands and then again takes a flight. He has to be very responsible with his job and the aviation manager CV should show his experiences in the field of aviation management and his mental soundness. The CV should be able to prove him perfect for the job.

Sample Of Aviation Manager CV

Nick Piazza


Queensland 92624


Email- Nick. p@gmail. com


  • Seeking to be an aviation manager so as to serve the airline companies with adequate knowledge and skills.

Summary of Qualifications

  • Extensive knowledge about the safety of the aircraft and the various repairs and renewals needed from time to time for the proper functioning of the aircraft.
  • Quality skills and knowledge about the aviation compatibility, risk management, various components and parts.
  • Detailed courses and training about the supervision and upkeep of the aircraft and the necessary electronic regulations and principles.
  • An expert in the field of the Human factors involved in the aviation management and working towards the best safety and comfort of the passengers as well as the crew.



B. tech in Aviation technology

Institute of Aviation and Training



M. tech in Aeronautics and Aviation

Frank Lyod Institute of Aviation



Course on Mechanical Hazards and Safety

Career Experiences

 Kingfisher Airliner Company

[Junior Assistant Aircraft Manager- 2006-2009]

 Air Force Institute

[Electronic Ward Trainer- present]


 Achieved great appreciation for Risk management tests in the year 2007

Professional references upon request.

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