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It is one of those high flying jobs that a person aspires for. The job of a flight instructor is to teach aspiring pilots the basic rules of flying and guide them accordingly. The job is mainly found in various flying schools and aviation academies. Once the instructor gains considerable amount of experience then he can suitably look forward to opening his own private school

The CV of a flight instructor can be useful for retired pilots who want to get into the flying instruction business also for trainees who are trying to learn the job well.

Sample Flight Instructor CV Format

Ashlee Anderson

4, rue de Cicé, 75006



Mobile No: + (33) 01 48 93 27 02

Telephone Number: + (33) 01 45 93 27 08

Career Objective: looking forward to built a career where I can utilize my expertise in flying and teach the future generation the various ways of safe and error free flying by guiding them with basic and advanced levels of learning

Professional Experience:

Jason Flying School, Paris: 2005- 2009: guided the student skillfully in classroom raining session, teaching them about the basics of math’s, geography and various altitude levels in flying. Palliative practically guided them during on air flying sessions, thereby making them more familiar with the flying experience

Flight instructor objectives:

  • Properly ensure the compellation of all the of a flight instructor
  • give regular lessons to all students regarding the lessons taught so as to evaluate their progress
  • gave advice regarding the course structure
  • maintained all kinds of records regarding the course work


1999-2002: Bachelor’s Degree in Aviation Technology University of Warwick

2002-2004: M.A. in Aviation Science and Pilot Licensing

Achievement: Got the recognition of being the best instructor of the year from the association of north Atlantic Flyers association


• Computing

• Paragliding

• playing mobile games


“Upon request”

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