Helicopter Pilot CV

The job of a Helicopter pilot is very interesting and challenging. Helicopter pilots can be of two type’s commercial swell as military. The commercial pilot generally works for private carriers who rent helicopters to important people who hire their service to save time.

Helicopter pilot CV is very similar to trainee commercial jet aircraft pilot or commercial pilot’s CV. People aspiring to build their career in these two domains can also look into the profile of a helicopter pilot for further assistance.

Sample Helicopter Pilot CV Format

Henry Smith

35a Barrow Street, Ringsted,



Mobile No: + (353) 1 6684103

Telephone Number: + (353) 1 6874190

Career Objective: to build a career as a commercial helicopter pilot and use my training and expertise to deliver the best result to the passengers even in the face of most hostile conditions

Professional Experience:

Iowa Helicopter, Dublin. 2005- 2009:- Highly experienced in steering the helicopter in some of the most hostile weather conditions, making safe landing and take off. Communicate with the radio station and understand directions properly

Helicopter Pilot’s Objectives:

  • Communicate with the wireless station and listen to instruction while flying
  • work with various tools and ensure the safety of the various s wings of the helicopter
  • detect smoke and other warning signals in a helicopter
  • maintain records of various flying schedules undertaken
  • train other pilots and guide them regarding safe flying procedure


1999-2002: Bachelor of Science, Cambridge University

2002-2004: Professional pilot certificate from the Royal Air force College, London

Achievement: recognized as the pilot of the year by national air force academy


  • travelling
  • playing volleyball
  • mountain biking


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