Sample Aircraft Mechanic CV

An aircraft mechanic has to take charge of every mechanical problems relating to the aircraft. He is in charge of the proper running and operation of the aircraft. He controls and looks after the complete mechanism of the airframe. He has to be an expertise person in the field of the mechanical specifications. An aircraft mechanic CV should possess details about the mechanical knowledge and expertise of the job applicant.

Sample Aircraft Mechanic CV

Will Frayman

High Davin Street,

36/4, North Square 039344


Email- wills@gmail. com


  • Finding a good job as an aircraft mechanic so as to apply skills towards the betterment of the airline.

Summary of Qualifications

  • Expertise in the maintenance and servicing of the aircraft and fixing any problems arising therewith.
  • Matters relating to the aircraft mechanism can be easily fixed and taken care of.
  • Certified expert in the field of powering of the airframe the landing and gear systems and replacing the worn out machineries.
  • Adequate knowledge about the exact timing of the change in the airframe condition and its various components.



Bachelors in Mechanical Engineering

Institute of Technology and Aviation



Masters in Aviation Mechanics

College of Management and Technology


Career Experiences

 Air Marshall

[Ground engineer- 2006-2008]

 European Airways

[Deputy mechanical engineer- present]


 Awarded the Award for the Best Mechanical Service in the year 2007

 Appreciated by the management to be one of the best mechanical experts till date.

Professional references upon request.

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