Sample Flight Attendant CV

The basic duty of a flight attendant is to pay utmost attention to the on flight passengers. He has to take charge of the fact that the passengers do not face any problem when they are on the flight and get every kind of help when on the flight. He has to build goodwill for the airline company and in turn benefit the revenue earnings. Hence a flight attendant has to present a CV that shows him to be apt for the job.

Sample Flight Attendant CV

Stephen Clearwater

368, Richard Woods,

Hanging Bay 03974



Seeking a job as a flight attendant to apply skills of hospitality to serve passengers better.

Summary of Qualifications

  • Good communication skills to know the needs and wants of the customers better and providing them with the best service.
  • Creating a friendly relationship with them so that they feel extremely comfortable to discuss their problems and needs.
  • Ability to deliver on time help and make quick decisions regarding emergency situations.
  • ‘An expert in the English and various other languages as well and attentive towards the happening within the flight.



Courses in Hospitality Management

Institute of Training and Management



Training in Aircraft Management


Career Experiences

 Lufthansa

[Airhostess and Flight Steward Team Leader- 2006-2008]

 Spice Airlines

[Junior Flight Manager- Present]


  • Awarded the 3rd Best On Flight Service Award in the year 2008
  • Achieved the award for the Best Upkeep in the year 2009

Professional references upon request.

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