Steward CV

A steward is the asset of the service providing company be it a flight service or a cruise service or a hotel service. The stewards form the people aspect among the 7ps of marketing. They are the one who create the first impression while rendering a service. Hence the CV of a steward has to be convincing and should contain his experience and training details.

Sample Steward CV

Jack Harris

58/6, Royal Fort Avenue,

Fuhrman’s Place 03874


Email- jacks@gmail. com


Looking for a job as a steward and helping in serving the hospitality aspect better.

Summary of Qualifications

  • Maintaining a good ambience by looking to the cleaning and freshness of the ambience all around.
  • Taking charge of the requirements of the guests or the customers and doing the needful to please them in the best possible way.
  • Experience in the maintenance activities so as to maintain the core product of the service provider intact and healthy.
  • Possessing additional skills as well.



Training in Hospitality Management

Institute of Hospitality Training



Diploma in Maintenance and Hospitality


Career Experiences

 Marx hotels

[Steward Boy- 2006-2007]

 King Cruise Ship Corporation

[Bar Manager- 2007-2009]

 British Airlines

[Steward Team Leader- Present]


 Awarded the Best Bar Maintainer of the year in the year 2008

 Awarded for excellent service in the cleaning and maintenance in the year 2006

 Received added incentives from the management for good maintenance in the year 2006

Professional references upon request.

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