Financial Planner CV

A financial planner is a practicing professional who helps people to deal with their personal financial issues strategically. They help people to resolve their financial issues through proper planning and methods. Therefore a financial planner’s CV must highlight the essential quality of a candidate.

Sample Financial Planner CV

Nancy Lewis

69B, Tobin Road Cambridge Park- 789

Telephone number: 99997575

Email: lewis.nancy@

Career Objective:

I have strong desire to get associated with such a company where I can best utilize my skills as financial planner to solve financial issues of people. Moreover, I am looking for a position that would help me to implement my planning skills at its best.

Educational Background:


2006: Masters in Business Administration with Finance as a Major, University of California.

2004: Bachelor in Finance, University of California.

Professional Qualifications:


2007: Associated with Finance chambers of California

2008: Worked as a financial planner for the finance group of JKV multinational


  • Analyzing the profitability and finance
  • Responsible for proper finance planning
  • Responsible for solving financial issues
  • Has the responsibility to solve issues with other banks and financial institutions.


  • Prepare financial reports for the company.
  • Researched on various financial issues and solved them with utter precision.
  • Have experience in solving budget related issues of a company.
  • Participated in various finance conference and have taken an effective role in dealing international as well as national issues


  • Graduation with first class honors
  • Received degree of excellence for performance at Finance chambers of California
  • Gold medalist from the class of 2006, University of California

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