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Investment banking CVs are not as easy to write as CVs for other industries. This is because people from different educational and professional backgrounds can secure jobs in investment banking. In this case it would be advisable to demonstrate your suitability for the job through any past experience that is related to the field.

You can also include past activities that demonstrate skills and values such as good communication skills, research skills, problem solving skills and analysis skills amongst others that would be of interest to employers. Although many recruiters stress that brief CVs are better, you should try and include as much information as you can that is relevant to the job. There may be something that you would take for granted that an employer may use to separate you from the crowd.  

Sample Investment Banking CV

Bernice Nice Rice

234 Alison Drive

Marshall, Minnesota

Telephone No: 234 543 2443

Mobile No: 21343 5456

Email Address: 

Career Objective:   

Investment banker with four years experience in the investment banking field seeking a position in a dynamic financial firm with a focus on investment banking. The position should allow the application of communication and problem solving skills. The position should also allow the application of creative, innovative and new approaches to investment banking.   

Educational Background:

MBA — Minnesota University     2005 – 2006 

BA in Finance-Minnesota State University-1998 – 2002  

Professional Experience:   

2006 – To date:   Investment Banking Advisor at Sincere Investments            


    • Researching the financial markets and ensuring that the companies remains in the forefront of the latest in financial news
    • Advising clients interested in or involved in investment banking on the best investments in the financial market based on the information gathered in researching the financial market
    • Actively investing and guiding the investment of client monies
    • Keeping track of the company investments to ensure that profits are being made and to avoid any losses

 2003 – 2004   Accountant at Marshall Cooperative Banking           


    • Received and gave money over the counter
    • Assisted customers in making payments and withdrawing large sums of money that cannot be withdrawn in the usual over-the-counter transactions
    • Balanced accounts
    • Checked the account books to ensure that there were no irregularities


    • Managed an average of 100 successful accounts every year at Sincere Investments which is the highest number of accounts ever averaged by any financial advisor at the company
    • Headed the team that designed and introduced a new method of keeping track of the financial market and predicting the pattern of the financial market, thus making it easier to give more accurate advise to clients and increasing the success rate of the company in the long run.

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