Loans Manager CV

A loan officer can work in banking as well as in real estate industry. For those who want to work as loan officers have a choice to work into residential sector or in commercial sector or in both the sectors. If a loan officer is highly talented he/she can help the finance company or bank raise properties in its name.

Sample Loans Manager CV Format

Richard Anderson
1234, West 67 Street,
Carlisle, MA 01741,
(123)-456 7890.

Mobile No:  +1 310 281 5539 +1 310 281 5539

Telephone Number:  (954) 981-7223 (954) 981-7223

Career Objective: to get to a level in any reputed and well established financial firm where I can use my skills of convincing my clients to take loans and reach to their goals along with helping the company to rise.

Professional Experience:

2004- February2009:  worked at B C I Soditic Trade Finance Ltd as loan manager for 4 years.

2009-present – managed and supervised a staff of 10 persons for privately-owned firm in partnership.

Academic qualification – associate degree holder in Accounting.


1998- 2002: Bachelor of Management and Organizational studies– London Business School

2002-2004: Master’s in Business – London Business School

Computer knowledge

Knowledge of MS office – ms word, power point, ms excel, and Microsoft outlook express

Knowledge of Lotus 123 and lotus Macro


Management and sales –

  • underwriting review checklists for formalized loans
  • in order to raise loan production demands forecasted staff hiring
  • Generated $134 Million of career loan production


  • Going for long drives
  • Playing guitar


“Upon request”

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