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A personal banker has the responsibility to perform intermediate support and duties related to financial services and operational activities of banks. A candidate applying for this position must have profound knowledge and skill related to banking. Therefore the candidate’s CV must reflect all these qualities as well.

Sample Personal Banker CV

Ceria Ronaldo

45C. Houston Bay New York City

Telephone Number: 8984562


Career Objective:

I am looking for a position as a personal banker in a repute company that would give me an ample scope to practice my banking skills at its best. Moreover, I want a position through which I could assist people in their issues related to banking.

Educational Background:


2002: Masters in Business Administration, University of Glasgow.

2000: Bachelors in Finance and Banking, University of Glasgow.

2003: Executive degree in personal Banking, University of Glasgow

Professional Qualification:

2003: Worked as a Researcher in banking at University of Glasgow.

2004-2007 was associated with Government bank associations.

2007-2008 Worked as a personal banker for JB group of Banks.


  • Prepared budget report and analyzed banking related issues of various sectors of industry.
  • Have experience in dealing clients regarding various banking issues and solving them efficiently.
  • Have experience in preparing new banking policies and implementing them. Many clients have been benefited by this.
  • Have strong skill in personal banking.



  • Graduation with first class degree in Finance and banking
  • Silver medalist from the class of 2002, University of Glasgow.
  • Received the degree of excellence for performance as a researcher from Finance and banking department, University of Glasgow.


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