Business Administration Manager CV

A Business Administration Manager is someone who supervises and manages the administration of an establishment so as to make sure that all the departments and employees work in a coordinated manner and according to the organisation’s objectives. The CV of such a person must contain educational qualifications, skills related to his career and work experiences as well as job objectives.

Sample Business Administration Manager CV

Ross Greene

66 Texas Road

Texas, USA

Phone number- 982345098

Email id –

Educational qualifications

I did my bachelor of business administration from Texas College of Business And Arts, 2000 and my master of business administration from Texas University, 2002.

Work experiences

  • I was a business manager in Rodeo Networks from 2002 to 2005 and I informed managerial workers of changes of policies or methods.
  • I conducted staff gatherings for distribution of relevant information. I had trained and assessed performance and re-evaluated performance statements prepared on employees.
  • I was a business administration manager in Royce agents from 2006 onwards. I had managed and directed subordinate employees.
  • I had even reviewed authorized directives and letters to ascertain such information as changes approved in programs, rules and processes, and new tasks or responsibilities passed on.

Career skills

My skills are

  • Planning business development and consumer service.
  • Initiating and improving business preparation in a variety of capacities
  • Motivating and guiding staff to go beyond status quo and change the old Strategic Plan into a strategy that is reliable, attainable, liable and considerably improved.

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