Business Continuity Consultant CV

A business continuity consultant is an individual who is responsible for directing and assisting in the process of developing business continuity plans as well as procedures. They may also have to evaluate the implications of the changes in operation on the business continuity plans. Sometimes it is the duty of a business continuity consultant to ensure that the components of a business continuity plan are successfully tested.

An individual applying for the job position of a business continuity consultant has to reflect in his resume his knowledge regarding this particular job position. He also has to mention the skills and abilities possessed by him in order to impress the recruiter.

Sample Business Continuity Consultant CV

Personal details

Name: Dean Marsh

Address: 90 Off Side Road. Holly Wood, Los Angeles 9089

Residential telephone number: 676543

Mobile number: 989432258712

Date of birth: 3rd of June 1985

Marital status: Single
Gender: Male

Career objective:

To make a career in the position of a business continuity consultant and make best use of my experience in the field of business continuity for the benefit of the organization.

Educational qualifications

  • Completed Bachelors Degree in Business Management from Colorado School of Business in the year 2007

Work experience

Worked in the position of a business continuity consultant with Smith Group of Companies from June 2009 till December 2012 where my work responsibilities were:

  1. Overseeing the development of Business Continuity Plans and procedures
  2. Analyzing the effects that a change in operational process can have on the business continuity
  3. Supporting the procedures of business continuity
  4. Documenting the output of all the tests

Career  Achievements 

  • I have received the Best Business Continuity Consultant award from my employer in the year 2011


Name: Brad Pitt

Designation: manager of Operations

Company name: Smith Group of Companies

Office address: 90 Indiana Jones Street, Illinois, Las Vegas 9089

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