Business Development Manager CV

A business development manager has a variety of responsibilities which includes incorporating management of information, assessing new projects and investments and interacting with new clients. A business development manager CV should present the applicant’s organisational skills, his decision making ability, and his overall business management expertise. Additionally, good communication skills will be considered as an added benefit for this profession

Sample Business Development Manager CV

Personal Details:-

Name-William Scott


Address-14, Bradon Street, Bloomfield, Nebraska-427901



Career Objectives:-


By seeking employment in a globally recognised organisation, I aspire to ensure the growth of the organisation by my unparalleled managerial skills.


Educational Qualifications:-

2005- Masters in Business Administration from University of Nebraska

2003- Bachelors in Business Administration from University of Nebraska.

Professional Experience:-


2005 till Date – Assistant Director of Business Development



  • To keep track of all kinds of changes in the market and economy that might impact the business of the organization.
  • To chalk out a detailed plan of the goals and objectives that the organisation needs to accomplish.
  • To maintain harmony at all levels in the organisation along with establishing the support group of people who can aid the company in decision making.
  • To review and edit new marketing strategies in order to ensure a successful marketing campaign.
  • To give sufficient follow up in sales to ensure our customer’s lifelong trust.
  • To make wise decisions with regards to investments that might gain profit for the company.
  • To promote the good will of the company through interacting with new clients and ensuring the best communication with them.

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