Business Finance Manager CV

The job of a business finance manager is that of a high responsibility since he has to ensure and supervise the proper allocation of an organization’s financial resources. He also has to oversee the pricing, accounting, scheduling and technical performance of various contracts, deals, programs and projects. The business finance manager CV should mirror the applicant’s qualities and skills necessary to handle finances and also take significant decisions in budgeting and investments.


Sample Business Finance Manager CV

Personal Details:-

Name-Andrew Wilkins


Address-71,Wendley Park,Clarkson, Nebraska-6228318


Email id-

Career Objectives:-

Since finances forms the backbone of an organisation therefore  as a business finance manager, I aim to ensure that finances are channelled into the right ventures so as to maximize the company’s profit .I also aspire to contribute into ensuring better investments which benefit the organisation and also the people of my country at some level.

Educational Qualifications:-

  • 2004-Masters in Financing from the University of Nebraska.
  • 2002-Bachelors in Business Administration from University of Nebraska.

Professional Qualifications:-

2004-Assisstant Finance Manager in Webley Financing.



  • To ensure that financial resources are wisely invested to increase the revenue and annual turnout of the organization.
  • To predict and forecast the financial conditions that might influence the forthcoming business decisions.
  • To keep a track of all the financial contracts of the company and also make sure that on behalf of the company all contracts and projects are met.
  • To review the budgetary details, cost and proposals regarding any new investment and also analyse financial details before taking any step.


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