International Business Administration CV

An international business administrator is an individual who oversees transactions related to finance and trade between organizations and countries. They have to ensure that the exchanges and transactions taking place between the organizations and the countries are legal.  They are also responsible for ensuring that the exchanges are profitable.

It is usually due to the assistance of an international business administrator that a multinational project is completed. An international business administrator must be organized and possess excellent communication skills as well as inter personal skills. An individual applying for this position must mention about these skills in his resume in order to gain the attention of the employer.

Sample International Business Administration CV


Chris Nolan

89 Team Force Street, Miami City, Florida 3490


Job objective:

I want to work in the position of an international business administrator in a reputed multinational organization and make use of my skill sets and experience for the growth of my career as well as the growth of the organization.

Highlights of qualifications:

  • Vast knowledge in the field of international banking products and services
  • Possess excellent understanding of regulations in global banking
  • Possess excellent understanding of national as well as international regulations in imports and exports
  • Ability to perform in a multi structural  situation
  • Possess excellent problem solving skill


Completed Masters degree in Business management from Miami University in the year 2007

Professional experience:

Worked as an international business administrator with Time Multinational Limited  from May 2009 till July 2012 where my job responsibilities were:

  • Marketing and selling products to the  overseas commercial clients
  • Devising marketing strategy for overseas clients
  • Negotiating agreements and contracts
  • Analyzing transactions and understanding the creditworthiness of the customer

Other information:

Date of birth: 4th of July 1984

Marital status: Single

Gender: Male

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