Technical Business Analyst CV

A technical business analyst is an individual who provides support to the teams working on technical projects in terms of analysis and research. He/she tries to align the technology with the objectives of the business and must thus have technical knowledge as well analytical mind.

Any person who wishes to be employed at the position of a technical business analyst must prepare a CV which describes his/her list of qualifications, skills, education and experience in an impressive manner. A sample of technical business analyst CV is given below.

Sample Technical business Analyst CV

Technical Business Analyst CV

Ron Jacobs

Contact number: 47309595

Contact address: A-90, first floor, Mount Carlo road, London

Email ID:



I wish to be a part of the growing organisation as a technical business analyst where my experience and skills can be utilised in best manner.

Educational Qualifications:


2006 : Completed high school certification from Jacobs High School, London

2006-2009: completed bachelor’s degree from St. Laurence College, Reading University, Reading, UK

2009-2010: completed Diploma in technical business analysis from London.

Areas of expertise:


  • Exceptional technical skills and great and in-depth knowledge of computer systems.
  • Good analytical abilities and problem solving skills.
  • Excellent communication skills and leadership qualities.
  • Ability to work for long hours and work under pressure.
  • Focussed, goal oriented and very hardworking.
  • Winner of many professional awards.
  • Managerial abilities and organisational skills.
  • Professional Experience:


2010- 2011: was employed at Henry International Corporation as a technical business


2011-2012: was employed at the position of a technical analyst at Billy and Brooks International Corporation.

2012-present: have been working at the position on Senior business analyst at H&N Corporation. Responsible for supervising business analysts working in the company.



  • Watching movies
  • Playing tennis
  • Horse Riding
  • References:


Can be provided upon request.

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