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A call center operations manager is an individual who manages the operation or a process in a call center or a business process outsourcing. He supervises the actions of the team leaders and makes a report of the on goings of a certain business operations. The CV of a call center operations manager should mention the work experience in the similar field for him to get recruited in a call center.

Sample Call Center Operations Manager CV:

Name: Ron Michael

Father’s name: John Michael

Date of birth: 25th of December 1980

Permanent address: 123 James Ivory Street, New York, New Jersey 234.

Residential Contact Number: 44 558 98134

Mobile number: 44 558 98123

Email id:

Languages known: English, French and Spanish

Job Objectives

  • To analyze the level of performance of employees and bring positive changes.
  • To provide effective feedback to underperformers and motivate them.
  • To ensure that the operations of the process run smoothly.

Work Experience

  • Currently working as an operations manager since the year 2009 in Global Services for the process outsourced by Barclay’s bank.

Job responsibilities:

  • Interacting directly with the client regarding the policies and procedures in the process or implementing changes in the process.
  • Making a report about the performance of the different teams in the operations floor from the input provide by the team leaders.
  • Meeting with the trainers on a monthly basis to update them with the changes in the process so that that it can be included in the training module.


MBA from Colorado Business School with specializations in operations.

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