Call Center Workforce Scheduler CV

A call center workforce scheduler is an individual who schedules the work force in a call center and is responsible for all the centralized workforce function. He monitors the daily as well as monthly statistics in a call center. The CV of such an individual should have details like his work experience in a call center and his skill sets.

Sample Call Center Workforce scheduler CV



Name: Daniel Jack

Father’s name: Michael Jack

Date of birth: 25th of December 1980

Permanent address: 3456 James Ivory Street, New York, New Jersey 5234.

Residential Contact Number: 44 558 98924

Mobile number: 44 558 95768

Email id:

Languages known: English, French and Irish

Nationality: Irish


Career Objectives

  • To make use of my skills and expertise for the benefit of the organization.
  • To work in a reputed call center as a workforce scheduler and perform to the best of my ability
  • To maintain statistics efficiently and correctly




Professional Experience

Working in the post of workforce scheduler in ABC Limited since the year 2008. My job responsibilities include:

  • Giving advice to the team leaders of the call centre and the operations managers regarding strategies which are cost effective and efficient.
  • Maintaining the platform of the workforce management. Keeping a check on the daily statistics of the call center and reporting that to the higher management.

Worked as an operation analyst in Global services from the year 2005 to 2008. My job responsibilities included:

  • Keeping a track and maintaining the statistics of the call center.

Educational Qualification

Diploma in business finance from Colorado Business School.


Will be provided on request.

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