Construction Contractor CV

A construction contractor is a person who is responsible for the construction site, day to day work such as taking care of the materials used, their records and acting as a link between the client and the workers. The CV of a construction contractor must focus upon the facts which make him eligible for the job. The following can serve as a construction contractor CV.

Sample construction contractor CV

Name: Bill Kelly

Age: 34 years

12 years work experience as construction contractor

Phone: 479284094008

Office address: D-10, greater mansion buliding, LA

Academic qualifications

Schooling: from Peter’s catholic institute

High school: from St.Anthony’s school

College: Graduation pursued in Mathematics form University of George, LA. Scored 56% aggregate

Others: a 6 month course pursued in construction materials from Paul’s institute where the right knowledge of the work done and the materials used at a construction site were taught.

Skills and expertise areas:

  • Skilled enough to handle the construction overlooking work even at huge construction sites.
  • Command over mathematics and English.
  • Great rapport building ability with workers.
  • Contact with all kinds of skilful workers.
  • Ability to look after workers and point out the mistakes.
  • Ability to understand what exactly the client wants and to deliver the same in the minimum possible time.

Previous work experience

  • Worked at the construction site of the Shoppex shopping mall.
  • Worked at the construction site of numerous numbers of housing projects and individual homes.
  • Experience of working at hotel and restaurant sites also.

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