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Almost everywhere you go a new building is coming up. It could be a simple building or a multi-storey complex. These buildings require careful design and planning. It is the work of a construction director to ensure that everything at the construction site goes as planned. If you are seeking for permanent employment or you want to become a contractor then you will need a good curriculum vitae. Your employer will be interested in seeing the number of constructions you have directed among other things. Below is an example of a construction director resume.

Construction Director CV Example, Format

May O’Hara

Crest Hill 45663

Birmingham, England

Mobile: +44 47696 49048

Career Objective

Become one of the country’s leading Construction Consultants with an eye for creativity and a vision for future, safe and landmark quality constructions in the region and around the world.

Professional Experience

Extensive construction design and building experience
International project experience; skilled at adapting to different cultural and business situations to drive success.

BSc Construction Management
10 years experience in mechanical and electrical contracting.

Have worked with Engineers, Supervisory staff and traders in the implementation of Mechanical and Electrical systems in large projects.

Experience in the Middle East.

2008 – Presently:   Construction Director

Planning, co-coordinating and controlling construction project costs.

Ensuring projects are completed on time and within budget

Adhering to safety conditions and safe working practices

2006 – 2008:  Chief Construction Superintendent- Mayhill Construction Company


From 2002:
Project worker as chartered surveyor at Aalborg University

1995 – 1997: Assistant at Bedfordshire’s local government planning district heating

1992 – 1995: Owns a private Registered Land Surveyor suite in London with projects both in Middleborough and at Liverpool.

Educational Background:

Degree in Civil Engineering

Diploma in Electrical and Electronic Engineering

Certificate in Project Management

Hobbies and Interests

Travelling, Photography, Reading


1995: Member of London Institute of Surveyors

1994: Member of Bedfordshire Institute of Surveyors

1993: Fellow of Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors, U. K

1999: Member of Housing Society of Downing

2002: Member of ASA Federation of Land Surveyors and Geomatics

2002: Member of New Hampshire Institute of Surveyors


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