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Just like any other industry the construction industry requires hands on experience. There are higher chances of landing a job if you have many years experience as a contractor. Internships are meant to give fresh graduates the experience they need to land that summer job for instance. It is not however very easy to get a place as an intern in the big construction companies. Thus you need to come up with a compelling construction internship resume. Below is an example.

Construction Internship CV Example, Format

Sarah Jackson

Westwood 223

Parkside Way Texas,

Mobile: +1 4749 49048

Career Objective

To begin my professional career in a challenging work environment in order to apply and enhance my various technical, management skills as well as team leadership, team playing and decision making skills I have acquired during my academic career

Professional Experience

Summer Internship at Lettermain Construction Co. from 1 August to 1 September 2008


Assisted in the preparation of storyboards and scripts for radio and television advertisements

Prepared for meetings between clients and the construction company

Made bookings and preparation of member teams

Underwent in-housetraining with other recently attached team members

Compiled reports on construction activities and progress

Educational Background:

2006: Providence College of E&ME, Raleigh
BS in Mechanical Engineering CGPA:3.10
2005 :Divisional Public School And College, Maine


Computer Skills; Computer proficiency (MS Office), Programming Languages: C++
Applications: Solid Works, Pro Engineer, AutoCAD

International Seminars/Conferences

September 2008: Participated at the International Conference on Real Estate Constructions organized by the Allied Institute of Engineering.

October, 2007: Took part at the American Integration and Globalization Forum, where I presented a paper titled: “Contemporary Economic Models and Stuctures of Houses in Alabama and Kansas”.

June, 2008: Attended the Brick Development Workshop at the University of Illinois

September, 2006: Participant in “Europe 2007” Conference, organized by Global Knowledge Foundation in Budapest, Hungary.

Hobbies and Interests

Cycling, Travelling, Soccer, Singing, Reading


Can be provided upon request

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