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A construction laborer is an individual who is involved in the construction of any type of property and works at the site of construction. The job of a construction laborer is a tedious and a critical one as they have to carry out the root level work of the construction process. They usually have to lift, pull and push heavy objects and also have to handle electrical tools and heavy construction materials like bricks, cement bags, boulders etc.

A construction laborer should have great stamina and good physical strength. A sample of a construction laborer CV is given below.

Sample Construction Laborer CV


Name: Sean Williams

Address: 56 Yankee Doodle Lane, new York, New Jersey 5690.

Mobile phone number: 34908

Residential contact number: 88214255555

E mail id:

Date of birth: 2nd of June 1985


To work in the position of a of a construction laborer and make best use of my physical strength and stamina in order to ensure smooth execution of construction process. I want to be associated with construction projects undertaken by reputed construction companies.

Summary of qualifications:

  • Ability to work with heavy objects
  • Possess excellent knowledge about construction materials
  • Has the ability to drive trucks carrying heavy load
  • Knowledge about safety measures to be taken in the construction process
  • Good coordination skills and excellent team spirit

Work experience:

Ron High Rise Construction Limited (from 2010 till present)

Worked as construction laborer where my job duties included the following:

  • Following the instructions given by the construction supervisor and applying it in the construction process
  • Repairing construction tools as well as machines
  • Working in coordination with other construction laborers
  • Relocating huge cement bags, bricks and boulders
  • Performing┬á pre construct ion tasks like cleaning the site, gathering materials and preparing the construction tools

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