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A construction managing director is an individual who is responsible for the overall operations of a construction company.  They have to look into the process of budgeting as well as coordination of the projects. They have to look after the various aspects of the construction projects and have to ensure that these aspects are executed smoothly and accurately.

It is only because of a construction managing director that a construction project executes as per planning. It is essential for an individual aspiring to be a construction managing director to have leadership skills and knowledge about various aspects of construction process. All the skill sets and qualifications of the candidate who wishes to work in this job position must be well presented in construction managing director CV.

Sample Construction Managing Director CV

Name: Tommy Lee Jones

Correspondence address: High Apartments, flat number 3, 89 Oxford High Lane, New York, New Jersey 8956.

Contact number: 89765

Mobile phone number: 56890

Email id:


An individual with ten years of work experience in the construction industry possessing knowledge and the ability to manage various aspects of construction project in order to ensure smooth completion of the project.


To work as the managing director of a construction company and make best use of my experience and knowledge for the growth of the company.

Work experience:

I am currently working with High Rise Construction in the position of a construction managing director since last five years. My duties are as follows:

  • Planning the work flow of the construction projects
  • Deciding the esteemed budget of a project and looking for ways to cut cost
  • Appointing various team members to be involved in the project
  • Ensuring that the various materials are purchased at the right price and is within budget
  • Ensuring that everyone is adhering to rules and regulations


  • Bachelor in Architectural engineering from New York University
  • Masters in Architecture from New York University
  • Diploma in Advance Architecture from ABC Institute.

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