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A construction safety specialist is a person whose job is to ensure that all the safety norms are being followed at any construction site he is employed at. His job is also to take care of the safety of the construction workers and the other crew working on a construction site. The CV of a construction safety specialist should speak about all the points which make the applicant eligible for the job.

Sample construction safety specialist

Personal details

Adam Pitt

45-H, Main highway road

James lane Park, London

Mobile number: 4693847986778

Qualifications and academics:

  • Completed graduation in business management from London University in the year 1997. Scored 60% aggregate and topped in accountancy.
  • Diploma course in management of a construction site. Was awarded the best student award at the end of 12 months of the program.

Skills and areas of expertise:

  • Command over dealing with workers and clients alike.
  • Specialised in the knowledge of the construction material used at the site.
  • Expertise in the safety norms and techniques to be followed at a site.
  • Full devotion to work and dedication towards duties.

Aims and objectives:
To be able to live up to the duties and responsibilities given by the company in a timely manner .To work in such a manner that it sets an example for other employees and keeps the employers as well as clients alike.

Past experiences

  • Worked with Gill construction works for a period of 24 months as a construction safety officer.
  • Held the position of assistant safety officer at the government’s projects limited for 12 months.


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