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The field of construction offers many blue collar and white collar job opportunities. Not all careers in construction require specific academic qualification. They however all require that the applicant is capable of working well in a team setting and pays attention to detail. Construction worker resumes are useful for those seeking employment as building foremen, building crew members, bricklayers, contractors and masons amongst other jobs in construction.

Construction Worker CV Example, Format

Susan Foster

23 Alison Drive

Oregon, Texas

Mobile No: +1 232 545 655

Telephone No: +1 343 545 766

Career Objective

Experienced construction/building foreman seeking similar position in a progressive construction company within the state of Texas. Believes her analytical, leadership and good communication skills will be a great asset to the organization. Eager to use draftsmanship skills for the progress of the organization.

Professional Experience

2006 – 2007: Construction Foreman at Bills and Hills Construction Company


  • Oversaw the employment of building crew
  • Assisted contractor and architect in drafting rough sketches for the building plans.
  • Oversaw the purchasing and delivery of building materials and work tools
  • Organized for and ensured payment of construction crew members in good time
  • Ensured building regulations were adhered to during construction

2004 – 2006: Member of the building crew at Bills and Hills Construction Company


  • Laid bricks
  • Prepared building materials e.g. mixing cement
  • Assisted in the demolition of derelict buildings

Educational Background

2005 – 2007: Diploma in Building and Construction- Oregon University


  • First female contractor at Bills and Hills Construction Company
  • Awarded the Oregon Achievements Award for graduating at the top of the class and heading the Oregon Wild Cats Basketball Team to the final four of the 2006-2007 basketball season

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