Junior Architect CV

A junior architect is a person who assists senior architects in planning and designing buildings and construction sites. He gives opinions and supervises the architecture projects during their implementation. The junior architect creates designs and blueprints for building constructions and also implements them as per the requirements of the clients.

Sample Junior Architect CV

Richard Clifford

Wayne Street

France – 8547

Phone: 44-332-67

Email: richard55@ycmail.com

Career Objective:

I am experienced professional having good knowledge of architectural principles and methods. I am also skilled in drafting architectural plans, policies and designs. I am seeking for a good job position in this field.

Professional Experience:

2005-Present: Easton Architects

  • Meet with engineers and senior workers to evaluate the resources requirements.
  • Prepared cost estimates of the project.
  • Prepared sketches and design blueprints of the construction and evaluated ideas of improving the designs.
  • Assisted in preparation of layouts and prelim sketches of the construction.
  • Visited construction sites and evaluated working progresses.
  • Suggested planning techniques in designing and concept making regarding using various materials for construction.
  • Suggested construction policies keeping the ethics and codes of better construction, making sure they are maintaining them.
  • Measured heights and elevations and maintaining the required and appropriate height allotted.
  • Maintained construction standards and created drawings for different clients accordingly.
  • Took up new projects and assessed the sites for taking out construction permission for the plot.
  • Reviewed contract document to evaluate requirements and policies.
  • Assisted management and contractor in their work.

Educational Qualification:

2000-2003: Bachelors in Architectural Designing, College of Architectural Studies.

2003-2005: Masters in Architectural Designing, College of Architectural Studies.




Professional reference will be provided upon request.

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