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Among the various types of property land is one of the most valuable. In fact it is only land’s value that keeps on appreciating with time. The work of a land surveyor is to plan, demarcate and map land or pieces of land. Land surveyors are always on demand because there is always some body who needs their land sub divided or mapped. A successful career as a land surveyor requires a good education and hands on skills. Below is an example of a land surveyor’s resume.

Land Surveyor CV Example, Fomat

Shruti Dave

Address: 4567 Lake St, Phoenix CA

Tel:  2 969 324 136

Mobile: 3 875 548 156


Personal Details

Date of Birth: 12/12/1979

Nationality: American

Marital Status: Married

Driving License: Valid, HCV


A seasoned Land Surveyor With a wide range of experience and skill set, aiming at creating memorable structures and improving the quality of survey work that meets the demand that the construction market offers in today’s world.


Director of Industry Liaison & Marketing, at the prestigious School of Surveying

Member of Asian Geophysical Union

Education and Qualifications

B.Surv, The University of South Australia, 1998

Diploma in Civil Engineering Australia Engineering Institute 1996

Diploma in Auto-Cad 1997

Career History

August 2007 – Currently: Lola Construction Pty. Perth

Job Title: Resident Land Surveyor

Taking charge of all surveying aspects for the company’s clients

Construction and repair of major highways networks, expressways, bridges and road network interchanges and including infrastructural works of 3 out of the 8 New Towns in Hong Kong
February 2000 – January 2007: Grogan Consultants

Job Title: Survey Assistant

Conventional Surveying. This included holding-down-bolts and reinforcing the concrete that had been set-out between two large warehouses

Road constructions and all associated checks over a period of eight weeks.

Reporting to and having direct consultation with the project manager.

December 1998 – January 2000: Magan Real Estate Development Co.Ltd

Job Title: Junior Surveyor

Construction of a 180 acre 18-hole championship golf course with a capacity of 6 sand pits and 4 ponds.

Single-family, multi-family housing units, and utility houses that can have at least 250 families in the Frakas area of Punjab

Numerous residential, commercial & industrial constructions adjoining or impacting wetlands.


Sports: Golf, Chess, Billiards, Lawn Tennis

Leisure: Reading Biographies, dancing, Research work and journal writing


Available on request

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