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Surveying is one of the fields that continue to grow as people are always building houses. Surveyors, especially quantity surveyors are needed in the construction industry to ensure that projects run smoothly and within the stipulated budgets. If you want to apply for a job as a surveyor you should always put your best foot forward as there is still a lot of competition. A surveyor’s resume should be well written and presentable as it shows you are neat and can do presentable work. Below is a sample surveyor’s CV.

Quantity Surveyor CV Example, Format

Patel Arvind

Address Tel:  9 324 136

Mobile: 5 548 156

Email: apatel@gmail.com

Personal Details

Date of Birth 22/2/1963

Nationality Australian

Marital Status Married

Driving License Valid



  • Feasibility studies – carrying out initial surveys and environmental impact assessments on potential sites to assess whether plans are workable.
  • Geospatial measurement – using surveying instruments and GPS to chart exact coordinates of site features; producing digital images of sites (photogrammetry); and mapping land use with satellite photography (remote sensing)
  • Geomatics – gathering data and using geographic information systems (GIS) to analyze and interpret site features
  • Geomechanics – monitoring land movement and subsidence caused during the construction project or by natural processes
  • Computer-aided design – draughting 2-D and 3-D charts and maps of an area using CAD programs and other cartographic techniques.

Education and Qualifications

University of Australia

Bachelor of Science in Engineering and Surveying

  • surveying
  • Civil engineering
  • Geomatics
  • Geographical information science.

Career History

May 2006 – Currently: Meakins Construction Pty. Ltd. Queensland

Job Title: Surveyor

Performed skilled technical duties in the storm water management division of the Queensland Public Works Department. Was responsible for reviewing civil engineering plans & specifications for storm drainage and ground erosion. Advised engineers, realtors, land developers & municipal leaders in planning and developing of new housing properties. Responsible for issuing all construction and building permits that were applicable for any grading or land moving. Performed all on-site inspections of building projects for compliance with approved plans and erosion control according to any store water management ordinances.

January 2000 – February 2006: The Perth Roads Board

Job Title: Research Engineer

Capable of working in a team environment to develop new and innovative designs for better steam flow paths in addition to improving current methods for application to steam turbines engines. Responsible for writing and implementing new engineering software to help in automating the process. I performed routine up-grades to improve the accuracies of predictions and I performed any analysis necessary for testing of these predictions. Responsible for verifying the functionality of all designs that result from this process.


Sports: Basketball, hockey, rugby, soccer

Leisure: Cooking, reading, Playing the guitar, Singing


Available on request

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