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CV articles are basically documents that serve for a person’s academic and extra-curricular identification details, generally during an interview or for attaining jobs somewhere or applying for admission in some institute, etc. Depending on the specific purpose, the CV or curriculum vitae, as it is called, needs to be framed. It is to be prepared in a way so as to contain all necessary information pertaining to the particular objective of the document and its relation with the concerned field. A CV should necessarily follow a set format and be very much professional in approach, as it is mostly required for such purposes.

Curriculum Vitae is a highly important document for the candidate’s career opportunities and also for the company as future reference tools of an employee, if a candidate happens to be so in the due course. The following points should be considered while framing such articles:

  • All details of academic excellence and extra-curricular skills need to be presented accurately as any fake detail will be considered as a serious offence and can also penalize the applicant for such misconduct.
  • The records will have to be represented in a chronological order, and respective dates need to be provided always.
  • Apart from the basic information, CV articles should also contain a brief introduction of the candidate and include all extra-ordinary achievements, if any, along with details of workshops, training courses, etc. undergone and awards or certificates earned.

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