Different styles of CV writing

There are different ways and styles available to personalize your CV. However, deciding the one that best suits your requirement is important.

Today I am going to talk about 4 major styles of CV writing

  1. Chronological CV

A chronological CV is the one in which you mention your work experience, your education, extracurricular achievements in a way so as to list the most recent ones at the top. This is the most common style of CV writing and is also the most preferred as it helps the employer easily understand your history and achievement without having to go back and fro.

  1. Functional CV

A functional CV is the one in which you would want to mention your skill set before the chronological showcase of your past employers.

  1. Combination CV

A combination CV is the one in which you can mention you skill set and the highlights of your work experience first. What follows next is your employment history and statistics.

  1. Targeted CV

A targeted CV is the one that highlights your skill set specific to the job opening that you are planning to apply to. You can use a change in font style, font color, template change, etc to highlight these key points.

It is ideal to choose a CV style based on our requirements and our understanding of the recruiter.

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