How to create an online CV?

Gone are the days when you had to write your CV, get your print and submit a hard copy to the employer’s address. Now-a-days most of the recruiters prefer to access the candidates profile online so as to minimize on the cost and time involved and maximize on the number of available candidates for selection. However; if the employers are getting online it is time for you to get online too.

Method 1:

The simplest way to make your professional online presence is by registering on the job sites. Job sites also help you make your online CV. There are specific tools available on these sites which help you build your customized CV by just making you input your basic information on education, contact info, work experience, etc. These tools give you an option of a number of CV templates that you can use to create your own unique online CV. Once you select a template and submit your information, the CV gets stored in their online database in either a .doc or .txt format and they share it with the employers who are online through that job site. This increases your chances of meeting employers across the globe who are interested in your kind of profile. and are similar such sites.

Method 2:

Then, there are sites wherein you can create your own profile page by input of all the basic and required information. Once you create that page, the website creates a link for you that you can share with any of the prospective employers as and when required. No need to send or email your CV every time an employer needs one. Just send across the link and the CV will be available and that too as your personal page. is one such website.

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