How to fake in a CV?

It has become a wide spread phenomena to fake in a CV. Highly demanding employers with their specific demands have made people fake in their CVs. It has been observed that almost two third of all CVs contain CV lies. However, the trick is to how to fake in a CV and yet not get caught in the process.

Here are some of the tips of doing the same:

  1. Understand what an employer is looking for. In order to cater to any particular requirement of the employer, do not completely fake by adding achievements and skill set which you don’t have. However, the trick is in presenting your existing work experience in relevance to the requirement. Make the employer feel that your work experience is the best that he can get. Make him understand the nuances of your work and your contribution to the same.
  2. Your CV is not your passport to boast hence do not start boasting about your fake achievements. The more you boast, more are the chances that you might get caught in the process.
  3. Do not add fake contact details of some made up ex-employer. Most companies go for reference checks and hence you might end up in trouble



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