How to prepare for a job interview?

Now that you have already received a call for the job interview, make sure you are fully prepared on your end to face the interviewers. Here are some of the basic things one must follow while preparing for an interview:

  1. Make sure you carry hard copies of your CV along with you in case the recruiter does not have the soft copy handy.
  2. Carry all your certificates, etc in case the organization might want to check the same.
  3. Wear clean and ironed formal clothes for the interview.
  4. Try and figure out who is going to interview you and learn to pronounce his/her name properly.
  5. Once inside the premises, have a firm handshake with the interviewer. This displays your confidence to a large extent.
  6. You must always wait for others to sit before you go for a chair.
  7. Reply to all the questions accurately and precisely. Do not blabber.
  8. Your interviewers might be in a mood to have a stress interview. Do not panic. Rather have a sense of humor to conduct the situation well.
  9. At the end, thank all the interviewers for their time and the opportunity that they gave you to present yourself.

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